Patients at Heart gives you the fundamentals of clinical trials, and much more. This site can be a great resource to help you fully understand what clinical trials are for, how to prepare yourself properly, and find out about clinical trials that are recruiting. Please remember to always speak to your health care provider for information and support in your overall health management.

Preparing for your clinical trial

What you need to know when getting ready for a clinical trial — learn about your rights, meet the key players in your trial, and get advice on how to build your support network and get the most benefit from it.

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Browse clinical trials

Look through all AbbVie clinical trials to see if one may interest you or a relative. If we don’t currently have an active clinical trial that could work for you, we provide reputable links to help you find one that might.

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Essentials of clinical trials

Get a clear look at what to expect when you participate in a trial: patients’ rights and protections; the different types of trials; who initiates, regulates and runs them.

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Hear what patients have to say

From the patients’ perspective — these are real testimonials from current and past participants in clinical trials.

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