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Canadian Advanced Parkinson Duodopa-Treated Patients Observational Study Evaluating Long-Term Health Outcomes in Centers of Excellence (Cadence)

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    Related Conditions
    Parkinson’s Disease

Enrollment Details

200 Worldwide Enrollment Goal


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Study Type:  Observational

This is a type IV phase trial.

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Brief summary


The Cadence study will help us assess the impact of treatment with DUODOPA on Canadian patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease (PD).

Duodopa is the commercial name for a levodopa/carbidopa combination that comes in gel form. It is delivered inside the upper intestine via a small tube inserted directly into the first part of the small bowel, or duodenum. This unique delivery system – called intraduodenal infusion – uses a programmable pump to let the physician and patient individually tune the delivery of active ingredients, suspended as a stable gel, from a cassette worn outside the body.

Canada: 15

Lévis, QC
Montréal, QC
London, ON
Montréal, QC
Toronto, ON
Québec, QC
Vancouver, BC
Ottawa, ON
Hamilton , ON
Kingston, ON
Edmonton, AB
Sherbrooke, QC
Winnipeg, MB
Montréal, QC
Calgary, AB
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Study Design

  • The general design that describes the strategy for identifying and following up with participants during observational studies.

    Observational Model

    Open Label

  • The relationship between the observation period and the time of patient enrollment. Time perspective can be prospective: looking forward using periodic observations usually collected following patient enrollment, or retrospective: looking back using observations usually collected prior to patient selection and enrollment.

    Time Perspective


  • These are the major criteria to enter the study. Your study coordinator can explain any other contributing factors. Some of these medical terms may be difficult to understand – your study coordinator can clarify them for you.

    You can participate if you meet these criteria:

    • Adult > 18 years old.
    • Has provided a signed patient authorization allowing the use of their data for the study and providing permission for contact by the study personnel.
    • Diagnosed with advanced PD.
    • Prescribed Duodopa by his treating physician.

    You cannot participate if you meet these criteria:

    • Patient cannot or will not sign the patient authorization.
    • Patients who were previously treated with Duodopa.
    • Presence of other condition that, in the opinion of the treating physician, prohibits the patient from participating in the study or obscures the assessment of the treatment of advanced PD.