Thanks for joining us at Patients at Heart! This site was developed expressly to give patients the information and support they need for their clinical trial journey. Encourage them to create a personal account so they can use the tools that help them keep track of their trial and record their experiences.

Below is an overview of the great tools and features we’ve designed to help your patients throughout their trial journey.

Encourage your patients to update their account!

They’ll benefit from many features that can help them better understand their trial journey, like accessing key contacts and trial news, updates, health tips and results.

Encourage them to use their trial journal

The easy online journaling tool lets patients keep track of their health, nutrition, thoughts, moods and observations, both within the trial and in their day-to-day lives. It’s an excellent way to remember what happened between 2 visits — for you, and for them. Follow up with them about their journal, and use it as a reference to address any questions they may have.

Help your patients visualize their trial journey

The journey map shows patients their clinical trial milestones at a glance, from start to finish, based on their baseline date. Encourage your patients to refer to it often!